Bristol Clear Bulletin- 10th May

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Issued every fortnight, this bulletin for Researchers at Bristol brings you the latest news about personal and career development opportunities, both from inside and outside of the University.

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Taking Charge of your Career Programme-Express your interest now!

Bristol clear are piloting an in-person, cohort-based programme to support career development – the Taking Charge of your Career Programme and we are delighted to invite you to express your interest!

Over the course of 3 separate in-person development days, you will gain clarity on what you want, what you have to offer, and how best to communicate your skills and experience to job opportunities. These sessions are ideal for anyone who has some idea of what they want to do next, or no idea at all!

To be eligible to take part, you need to be able to attend ALL 3 in-person dates (10th June, 1st July, 15th July, 9:30-16:30, Senate House).

Express your interest until midnight on Sunday 12th May.

Contact with any queries.

Upcoming workshops

Places are now available on the following workshops:

  • 14 May 14:00-16:00- Know Yourself: Career Development Workshop
  • 16 May 10:00-13:00- Presenting with Confidence for Researchers 
  • 16 May 14:30-15:30- Open Research: Research Data Management and Open Access 
  • 20 May 10:00-13:00- Building Your External Academic Profile 
  • 21 May 10:00-11:00- Closing Down a Research Project 
  • 23 May 09:30-16:30- Dealing with Uncertainty and Risk in Research Projects 
  • 23 May 09:30-12:30- Being Strategic about Your Career as a Researcher
  • 28 May 10:30-11:30- Introduction to Research Data 
  • 03 June 10:00-12:00- LinkedIn for Researchers: Simple steps to extend your research network 
  • 03 June 10:00-12:15- Line Managing @UoB@ HR Policy and Process
  • 03 June 14:00-16:00- Take Action: Career Development Workshop
  • 05 June 09:30-12:30- Working Towards a Lectureship
  • 10 June 10:00-13:00- Interview Confidence
  • 12 June 10:00-12:00- Giving and Receiving Feedback 
  • 13 June 11:00-12:30- Introduction to Research Funding [Sci & Eng]
  • 14 June 10:00-11:30- Bristol Clear 1:1s
  • 17 June 10:00-12:30- Thriving in a Part Time Role 
  • 18 June 10:00-13:00- Difficult Conversations
  • 20 June 11:00-12:00- Intro to Writing a Grant Proposal [Sci & Eng]
  • 26 June 10:00-13:00- Effective Prioritisation and Delegation

To book, please sign in to Develop now and search the catalogue for these course titles. To book a place after registration has closed, please email

To see a full list of Bristol Clear and Research in Practice workshops, please see our webpage.

Research-related events and initiatives

Wellcome Early- Careers Awards

This scheme provides funding for early-career researchers from any discipline who are ready to develop their research identity. Through innovative projects, they will deliver shifts in understanding that could improve human life, health and wellbeing.  See guidance and eligibility criteria Deadline: 21st May 24. Please e-mail any questions to

Funding for Researchers of Black, Bangladeshi and Pakistani Heritage

Accelerator Awards | Grant funding | Wellcome will be for up to £200,000 per researcher, for up to two years. Researchers at a UK higher education institution can apply at any stage of their career from postdoctorate onwards, up to but not including professorship. The awards cover any discipline, but the research area must align with our Discovery Research remit – encompassing research into life, health and well-being – or in the Climate and Health, Mental Health, or Infectious Disease research programmes. Deadline 18 June 2024.

2024 BBSRC IAA Funding  and MRC IAA 2024-2026 funding call now open!

The DREI team are happy to announce that the BBSRC IAA 2022-25 funding call  MRC IAA 2024-2026 funding call are now LIVE. Full guidance on the awards, expression of interest and application form, and resources are available at

Inclusive Research Toolkit & Opportunity to participate in train-the-trainer programme

The Inclusive Research Toolkit has been developed to support inclusive research practice. We are currently working on further reviewing and developing the content of the Toolkit, and on supporting its use and implementation through a train-the-trainer programme. We would like to invite you to complete this short form to share your thoughts on the toolkit, and to let us know if you are interested in taking part in a train-the-trainer workshop (in person). These half-day workshops will be held in May/June and numbers are limited. The workshops will be designed to support you with using the toolkit most effectively, and to support inclusive research practice across your Schools.

From Cuttlefish to Clinic: The Enterprise Sessions with Dr Shelby Temple

How do you transition from academia to entrepreneurship? In the latest episode of the Enterprise Sessions, Professor Michele Barbour talks to Dr Shelby Temple about founding his company Azul Optics, a medical device company focused on using innovative screening technologies to improve eye health. Shelby shares how he learned he could pursue commercialisation at Bristol through programmes like SETsquared and ICure. Take a look at the latest episode on the Enterprise Sessions website.

Career development resources from other providers

Networking Across Disciplines: From Computer Science to the Creative Arts | The Enterprise Sessions with Kirsten Cater 

How can the UK address its technology skills gap? Professor Michele Barbour speaks with Kirsten Cater, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Bristol. Kirsten leads the skills and training aspect of the MyWorld project, addressing the significant skills gap in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. 

Watch the episode here

We’d love to hear from you: please contact the Bristol Clear team with any queries or to provide feedback: